I dream Poetry!

My soul sings poems, and I’d like you to hum them too…

Blush Away 
It’s a starlit sky, I stand dreaming,
trying to spot shapes in the sky, thinking of our conversation,
Wondering if we could lie down and spot the shapes in a starlit sky, together. I smile, I remember you laughing at me for adoring your hair falling on your forehead, And insisting you to keep it like that,
I think of you kissing my forehead, holding me gently close to you, I melt, I smile again,
And the stars are watching me, They twinkle a little, Teasing me,
Someone’s lost in the many moments she’s had,
And I blush away,
I blush away!
I’ve felt a craving,
You haven’t ever known and I don’t wish for you to know,
A craving for a friend,
A craving for conversation,
A craving for a hug,
A craving for zest and spices in my food,
I’ve longed for meaningful company on barren afternoons that scorched my lonely soul,
The tears floating on my twin mattress,
I’ve longed for my Mother’s voice, her concern and to come back home to her presence,
I’ve seen my words fall far below to talk about those lonesome days,
Only to realize,
I’m helpless when I’m oceans away...

If love were queer,
It would still give you that dizzy high,
The chirpy butterflies in your stomach,
The synchronized violins as background music,
The slowing of time and wind,
The ring floating in a glass of chardonnay,
For, love is love,
It doesn’t judge,
It doesn’t change,
Love is Love !
I came to seek asylum in you, in the corners of your warm, cozy heart.
You gave me more than I asked for,
the center of your heart, the pulse of your wrists!
I will dance with you when no one's watching, and
when everyone's watching.
Who is God?
I wonder as I close my eyes and utter 'Oh Sweet Lord'! Where is God?
The Big question usually answered with a silent nod.
God is in every breath you take,
In the life you make.
God is when you follow your dreams,
In your sleepless nights and painful screams.
God is when you are passionate about somethings,
When your restless mind rings and sings.
God is in your honesty,
Despite your many difficulties.
God is in your forbearance,
In your truth and perseverance.
God is when you show your emotions,
When you face your many demons!
God is in you and your gifted talents,
God is when you live the present.
God is not in idols and temples,
God is,
in your loving shacks and crumples.
Mai Sabki Beti Hoon
6 arzo ke baad mai aai, ek pyaari beti, sabki beti.
Meetha khaana mujhe behad pasand hai, in meethein palon me mai daadi ki beti hoon.
Mere ghungraale baal aur unki apni marzi me mai apne Papa ki beti hoon.
Mere mann ke kai rang hai
aur masumiyat hai, iss masumiyat me mai apni maa ki beti hoon.
Mai apne khamiyon par hasna jaan gayi isilie mai apne bhaiyon ki beti hoon.
Mai die-hard romantic hoon yeh maine jaana 19 saal ki umar me isilie mai apne bade pa ki beti hoon.
Kahaaniyan sunaana aur baatein karna mujhe bohot pasand hai isilie mai apne badi ma ki beti hoon.
Mujhe naachne ka shauk bachpan se hai isilie mai apni bhabi ki beti hoon.
Mujhe nahaane ke baad thoda alas karna accha lagta hai isilie mai apne dadaji ki beti hoon.
Mai sabke dil ka tukda hoon,
mai sab me maujood hoon, aur voh mujhme maujood hain,
Mai beti hoon,
Mai sabki beti hoon!
I’m missing you to my very bones, it comes and goes in waves,
Leaving me restless,
When the tide is high...
There’s a rising urge within me, a temptation to break through the gates,
To fight against the relevance of our times, to force any available transport to get me to you,
So I can see you, I can hold you and be held by you.
Even if it is for a mere few minutes...
I can’t resist it in some moments, so I tell you and you simply say, ‘Stay home’,
And that contains me,
That fills me with joy.
I see a picture of you,
I picture a moment with you,
I do that over a 100 times to make it through.
And then, I also dream of an imaginary world where I have superpowers and I can teleport to see you...
I can teleport to see you...
Time must give us a bonus
For these weeks of missing each other
and believing there’s magic in this too.
Maine tumhare liye shaam ke kai rang hai batorey.
The many colours of the evening bring in its pocket the memory of you. I relive us, our moments and your tenderness. Your softness within and outside is a gift you bring to me, which makes me call you mine, Preciously mine forever!
Tum jab badalon ke peeche chup kar khelte ho, Tumhari khushi rangon me chalakti hai, Uss pal ka mujhe roz intezaar hai, Mujhe shaam ka intezaar hai...
Miss Khayali Pulao
I am Miss Khayali Pulao, Ever since I didn’t know left from right, I have been known as Miss Khayali Pulao.
I find myself drifting into a world so unique, With peculiar characters, Some like me and some unlike me. I have dialogues and jokes, Events and ceremonies, In this world, Until someone shakes me out of it. My teachers often feared giving me the window seat, It meant having Ishaan Avasthi in their class, the female version, I am Miss Khayali Pulao.
I play with clouds and I talk to the moon, I dream about a future, Being a famous writer and all, being interviewed by the Press. I see moving pictures, So clear, I surprise myself. I dream about you and me, and us.
In some moments, I daydream a camera reel of memories, Until something startles me. I am Miss Khayali Pulao.
It might be real to say reality is my break from my daydreams, I can’t seem to do the other way round, I am Miss Khayali Pulao.
Of the many nick names I have, including Chikakola and Peanut Butter Baby, This is one is my favorite, I bestowed myself a title, I am Miss Khayali Pulao!
- Art work by Kiran Prajapati.
Tadke Vaali Romance
Meri yaad me tum mirchi khana seekh gaye,
Tumhe manzoor tha, lekin tumhara peth namanzur raha.
Peth me lagi garmi, dil ko laga yaadon ka mithaas,
Kuch baat hai mohobbat me, humaare iss tadke vaale romance me!
I’ve known your existence for a long time now, I know you make an appearance with no warning whatsoever, No enchanting entrance, Your fist ready to pull out a soul and take it with you. I know of you as I write about you, And yet my bearings are shaken when you take someone away. How do you do this job, tirelessly, What is your silver lining? If I saw you at a bar, I’d probably offer you a jagermeister shot, Asking you what keeps your sanity. Today, you took an artist, A beloved one, It aches me, And I try sincerely, not to curse you, For you’re just doing your job...
Your bravery left me amazed, While the clouds wanted to conquer you, Own your light. You fought, You fought without a furrow on your brow, Without a wince in your voice. It was like watching a Kabbadi match, Two champions battling it out, Would it be a super raid or a defender’s glory, I couldn’t tell. I bit my nails, I tugged my tshirt tight, Rooting for you to win. You had a momentary win, Where you pushed aside the cloud, And emerged a shining beacon. But, The very next round, The cloud pinned you down. I let out a sad sigh, I could see you were still fighting. You were assertive, You let the cloud have you hidden in its arms, But you refused to give away your light. The sky continued to shine in your moonlit glory, The night seemed like a pleasant evening, You lost and yet you won! I smiled, Knowing that when someone says ‘You’re braver than you ever imagine yourself to be’, This is what they probably mean!
A daughter,
For all these years,
Now to be a Bride.
As the house is decorated,
And she adorns the traditional attire of a bride,
Her room,
Her belongings,
Her childhood,
Are dressed down and fit into suitcases.
The courtyard bustles with celebrations and songs,
The band beating tunes and aunts dancing away,
While her eyes,
Her mother’s eyes hold back tears
Behind the black kohl,
That sustains the weight of this separation.
The father and the brothers immerse themselves in preparations,
Paying off the vendors,
Checking the lights,
Only to find a corner,
Where they shed a tear,
Where they shed fear,
Of seeing an empty room,
A slightly quiet house,
Without her chirpy charm.
This living irony of pain and joy,
The beginning and the end of a woman’s life within a lifetime,
Is beauty falling from the stars.
While she crosses the entrance of her childhood home,
To her new home,
Embracing her wedded life,
She stands in a dance mudra for the rest of her life,
For her heart is with her lover,
But also is with her family,
Their well being and joy.
Hold a ‘Dulhan’ with delicate hands,
Hold her in your eyes,
Wear her as a decoration in your eyes,
In your soul,
For a newly wed woman is
A game of tug-of-war,
Powerful yet soft,
Yours yet someone else’s jewel.
A Plethora Of Weird
Her quirks precede her presence, making most around her laugh. She sneezes or makes a funny sound, and hides
under the desk to avoid those weird stares.
You say left and she'll do right, you startle her and she'll drop monosyllables from her mouth that will leave you in splits!
She writes in funny postures and dim lights, in the bedroom and in cafes, she is a plethora of weird and she promises to stay so!
She is a plethora of weird, and she feels celebrated when you call her weird!
So, call her weird and watch her smile,
watch her smile!

My First Mr. Charming
You broke my illusion of Mr.Charming,
An idea I’d conjured as a 20 something girl.
Every passing day I spent with you,
Waiting for you at the station as trains passed by seamlessly,
Suddenly Locals were on time,
But not you!
I ended my days chatting away with you at the station bridge,
Looking into your earnest, brown eyes,
Wishing for time to standstill,
So I could stand there with you for days to come,
To see sunsets and sunrises, with you.
My childhood lust for tall, dark, handsome flew out the window,
When my heart met your soul and desired a place in there.
Suddenly, I knew the meaning to every love song,
And the wind always seemed to tickle my curls,
I’d imagine you looking at me, smiling,
I’d laugh,
Imagining your laughter,
Oh, your laughter, I adored so much!
Hey, You were my first,
My very first attraction!

I hide in the folds of your hair,
You don’t shame me,
I hide in the tenderness of your arms,
You give me strength,
I wonder where you muster it from,
I want to give you love and laughter,
That’s all I know,
That’s all the wealth I have.
Will you take my hand in yours?, To live my dream, that’s you!
Tell Her
You love the texture of her hair and the way it falls on her forehead,
You adore the stray strand that teasingly dances around her cheek.
Her eyes, You see your future in her eyes. You see truth, passion and love in her eyes.
Her hands, you want to hold them gently, yet have a grip that says I will never leave you alone.
Her arms, you're dying everyday to die in her arms.
And her soul, secretly, tenderly, you've already blended it with yours, like none can tell the difference between the two.
You love her with such intensity, sometimes the window panes in your room shudder as you think of her.
You do the things you usually dislike, just for her.
You love her, every piece of her, every fold of her,
Why is it still hidden inside you?
Why don't you just tell her?
Just Tell Her!
Maybe, maybe every cell in her body is longing for you,
Just for you to Tell Her!
You are a Lover,
No different than a soldier,
You have to take a shot at the Border, come what may!
You, Lover Boy,
You have to Tell Her!
Moon’s Special Friend
I wonder why the moon refuses to be captured by the camera in my phone. I ogle at the beauty of the moon, its power to illuminate the world at once! In my imagination, I’m a special friend of the moon, we share secrets, we tell each other everything... The moon often leaves me mesmerized, as I stand under the moonlit sky on my terrace, dreaming... And again, I pull my phone out and try to get a picture, but the moon refuses, shies away, saying I don’t like the pap, friend. I want you to see me with your beautiful brown eyes, and not through a lens. I smile and I put my phone away, back to my tete-a-tete with the moon. 💕 
Moon’s Annoying Friend
I caught a glimpse of you when you weren’t noticing.
Oh, please, don’t roll your eyes at me,
I know you adore my attention.
Your whims, I hoist on my shoulders, every 15 days you disappear and then reappear more beautiful, I never complain.
In return, all I ask is to annoy you a little with my camera lens,
Only so I can see you when you’re not around too...
Would it be too cheesy or sappy as they’re calling it nowadays,
To say I know you’re surreal even when you’re away,
Checking on me in your secret ways...
Moon’s Patient Friend
You have such tantrums, Oh my!
You’ve got to be thankful I’m patient, or else what would you do.
Last night, that little game you decided to play, placing yourself so far and so low,
Then rising like the phoenix within minutes, oh you’re such a tease!
And yet, I stood there telling you how gorgeous and beautiful you look...
Despite your attempts to escape,
I got a glimpse of you in my camera,
And then I was mad at you, so I left.
You took your time, you came around, dear friend,
You knocked on my window, just before sleep cradled me,
You sang me a lullaby,
And I forgot I was ever mad at you...
You have this nonchalant charm,
Casting a spell on me, no wand, no broom,
Just You.
Just You,
And me Mesmerized!
Wahlid (1/3)
Silence is the best answer I have To all your misbehaviours. I know you’re there, Yet you aren’t in too many ways...
Wahlid (2/3)
Ek nadaani hai tum me, duniya dekhne ke baad bhi, Nadaani vahi, Jo tumne mujhe viraasat me di hai.
Wahlid (3/3)
Ghungraale baalon ke taufe ke liye Shukriya, Meri pehchaan hai voh.
I Am Her Tribe
You know, when she comes and tells me, “I must be an awful person. I did something horrible and it hurt someone.” I rub her shoulders to offer comfort, telling her, “Hey, that’s not true. Everyone makes mistakes.” My words fall flat against her guilt filled eyes, Her nodding in disagreement. I hug her, I whisper to her how beautiful she is, How brave she is to claim her flaws. I tell her, “there’s a reason an eraser is fixed behind a pencil, Because everyone makes mistakes.” I watch her struggle to forgive herself, I show her that gentle is the only way to do it. I hold her without judgement, I love her without conditions.
- Inspired by Poet Daniel Doby’s book I am her tribe
I Am Her Tribe
When she says someone entered her home without ringing the door bell, Without asking if it is okay to come in, When she grieves the terror, the disrespect caused to her home, When she fights fear and affirms herself of faith, Of hope, When she heals for a moment and lies in pain the very next, She is the only one who can decide what to do. Whether she decides to scream about it from every rooftop, literal and virtual, Or she decides to stand for herself lawfully. Whether she decides to sharpen her knife and kill ruthlessly, Or she decides to remain silent, focusing on her healing or her grief. I respect her every decision, For it was her home that was hijacked, For it was she who saved herself, For it is she, who is a woman, as much as I am, I won’t judge her, I’ll stand with her, Without drawing boundaries to her grief.
I Am Her Tribe
She sings praises of my curves, And says it like Bruno Mars, ‘coz you’re amazing just the way you are!’ She reminds me to take pride and show my curves off, She says my eyes and my curls will leave too many hearts mesmerized. She adores my die hard romanticism, unconditional love, And my smart mouth, which she coaxed me to open more often, While I was too shy to do so... She hoists me on her shoulder, She reprimands me when I’m silly, She is my Tribe, She is my Tribe, And I am her Tribe!
I'm An Ambivert
I’m an ambivert,
Chirpy, approachable,
I’ve been told my eyes give me away,
Say everything there is to ever be told,
Nothing hidden.
I’m often the girl people find comfort talking to,
Or strangers find an ease to ask for directions
Or they randomly smile at in a local train.
I love a meaningful conversation,
One a day,
And I’m good!
I’ve learnt to embrace the mic,
Laugh at myself in moments oh so
I learnt to network,
Make the small talk,
Keep moving to a different circle,
And continue buzzing socially. All that, and
Sojourn journeys,
Making random connections on these journeys,
Knowing fear and being beyond it,
I dream to see many sunsets across the globe,
And explore friendships that come my way. And yet, there’s a side to me,
A shell, that I quickly duck into,
For groups aren’t quite my favorite bit of human interaction.
I’m a girl of small cartels,
I build small connections where I go,
Groups of two or three are my jewels!
Any larger than that,
I’m tucked into my shell,
My eyes eagerly observing,
My fingers fidgeting with anxiety,
What is it about these large groups I find so ghastly.
I slowly make my way in,
Building a smaller cartel,
Yet trying to know them all. I’m not a crowd lover,
Yet a performer who is loved by the crowd.
I’m neither loud nor bossy,
Yet I’m heard and seen for who I am.
I glow in my skin,
I speak fluently in poetry,
I carry a novel in my bag to comfort me, at all times,
I hide in my shell when my sensitivity is unfathomed,
I’m an ambivert,
Dreaming across skies,
In colours and in shades,
I glide,
I fly,
I fall,
I rise,
I’m the protagonist,
I’m also the supporting character,
Shy of the camera sometimes,
But there, always there!

My Favorite Human 
I watch him everyday, after a bath,
my favorite human.
Morning or evening, it's come to be my favorite view,
like the soothing lush greens of nature,
or the flowing of a river,
or the snow clad mountains.
I watch him everyday, after a bath,
as he with precision combs his hair,
leaving no bit of it out.
He strokes the back of his hair with the comb,
nice and tight like a well wound up roll of wool.
He strokes the sides of his hair to make the parting,
the way Moses parts the sea in Benhur.
And, then he artistically uses the comb on the front freckles of his hair,
like an ant, hardworking,
only to make those strands of hair stand up,
but alas, they prefer much to dance on his forehead than float in the air.
With the freckles of his hair teasing his forehead,
doing jigs and jazzes,
hip-hop moves and Bollywood thumkas,
my eyes twinkle,
my lips fold into a wide curve,
my heart bubbles with joy,
as I watch him everyday after a bath,
in front of the mirror,
my favorite human!
The Battle Of 2021
In my lowest low,
I sought after a natural beauty to soothe me.
I stood at the window,
my eyes focused at the raindrops falling on the street, and filling it,
my ears enjoying the rhythm of the rain,
as if it were my latest, favorite track on repeat.
I stood mesmerized,
watching the rain takeover our world,
filling the skies and mountains with fog,
mystifying the roads,
leaving vehicle headlights bewildered about their power.
And yet, nothing stopped,
everyone remained determined with windshield wipers to get where they needed to be,
like it was a battle between rain and mankind,
the battle of 2021.
I wish I could leave you my love but my heart is a mess,
I understand all your stress,
but my mind is unable to wear a different dress.
I walked in the rain,
so that I can drain,
drain away the storm,
come to a norm,
but alas,
I wish I could leave you my love but my heart is a mess,
A cold, mess,
I understand all your stress,
I press,
I press my mind to feel better,
but some days it shatters.
I know the sprinkles of my shattering fall on you,
like morning dew,
only, you'd much rather save yourself for morning dew,
than my shattered sprinkles.
I wish I could leave you my love but my heart is a mess,
I understand all your stress.
When I feel cold I try to keep you close,
for you, it's an overdose.
I'll keep my cold/mess away from you,
so you can take in the morning dew.
- Inspired by: Prateek Kuhad's melody.
Surprise Candlelight
The dangling branches over your head,
the tiny leaves, shaped crafty,
the candlelight and the firelight making your eyes twinkle,
You, sitting in the afterglow of yellow hues,
filled me with so much joy,
I thought I'd melt away,
I thought I'd shed a tear like a flowing river.
The crickets sang and the frogs croaked in the deep of the night,
knowing how much love I had to give to you,
while I prayed that the clouds hold back the rain,
for I wanted to have a special dinner with my love.
I handed you a letter,
a pouring of my heart,
and you melted,
just when the candle too shed a little wax to symbolise your melting.
My melting and your melting,
blended into an evening of a sweet surprise, love, complimentary desserts and wilderness….

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