Backstory Of A Surprise Candlelight Dinner

Hey! Isn’t it beautiful when you try to surprise the one you love and the Universe surprises you? Has that ever happened to you?

Here’s a moment I had and it made me jump in glee like a child!

Backstory Of A Surprise Candlelight Dinner At Wilderness Retreat, Hyderabad:

While booking the retreat, I had asked the person in charge if a surprise candlelight dinner would be possible. At the time, he said yes, there’s an additional charge to it, but very much possible. I was thrilled! Aash had no clue I’d asked this, because I did it on whatsapp and kept it hush hush, because I wanted to surprise him.
Once we were at the retreat, the weather was very cool, in fact the Mumbaikar that I am, needed to put on a sweater. It rained often. We were having a great time, taking walks, exploring the retreat, looking at centipedes and frogs and snails. We had planned smaller surprises for each other and we enjoyed revealing those to each other.
Then, on our second day there, when I had thought to arrange for the dinner, Aash dropped a bomb and said, I want to skip dinner today.
My heart was on tenterhooks. I tried to persuade him, even got strict with him and said skipping meals is a no go!
I quietly stayed inside the cabin while he was outside on a call. I called the retreat personnel to ask if he can arrange the candlelight dinner, he said ‘Ma’am, it’ll take one hour to set up. Plus, the weather is not in favour, the mashaal won’t burn, the candles will go off in this rain and chill weather.” I was disheartened.
But, I thought okay, I’ll try again tomorrow. At night, and the next day morning, I prayed for the weather to be bright and warm. I wanted to write a note to Aash about how the past months with him have been and what I feel and all, so I did that. I shared it with him.
He said he’d read later, in a relaxed time or at night.
In the afternoon, it rained a little and continued to the evening. My heart still didn’t want to give up. I called the retreat personnel at 7.30, he didn’t answer my call. I texted, he siad doesn’t look possible ma’am. I decided okay, if not here, maybe after we go back to Mumbai, I’ll book it at a restraunt and surprise him.
But, who knew, I too was in for a surprise!
Aash and I stepped out to the dinner area to eat, that instead of ordering in, we’ll go there and eat hot. Also, the dining area was lit up with bulbs and we were keen to see it at night. So, we went.
As we reached the deck, Mr.Lakshman said, “Ma’am, please wait here, your candlelight dinner is being set up.” I wanted to jump up and down like a child, but I managed with a big smile.
Aash was like ‘Oh’.
In a few minutes, we were escorted to a corner, amidst the wilderness, where a beautiful table was set up for us, with candles, with mashaals burning on all four corners, candle stands on both our sides. The crafty leaves and branches hung over our heads, the frogs croaked echoing my joy, and we were lucky to have a little music coming in from a nearby cabin. And, Aash was speechless. I told him, “so, this is for you! I really wanted to surprise you!” He said, “thanks”! I requested him to read the note I’d sent him that morning, because my plan was dinner and note together. He read it and said, “I don’t know what to say…”
Then, Aash was worried a little as small drops of rain began to fall on his forehead. He kept shifting in his chair, saying “sunn, lagta hai baarish hogi.” In the meanwhile, I was already praying to Hanuman that Pleaseee, don’t make it rain now. Please let’s have this dinner fully, till then contain the rain! And I said to Aash, ” Please, relax na, and don’t worry, I have prayed to Hanuman to not make it rain.”
Aash asked me, “Yeh romance me how is Hanuman the God you chose?” I said, “Hanuman is super romantic. He picked up a mountain to save Sita, because he loved Sri Ram so much. He tore his chest to show his love for Sri Ram. That is love, a platonic love and romance, so definitely Hanuman will understand my request. So, have faith in my faith.” Aash smiled, said, “okay.”
We had a delicious, sumptuous meal. After a long time, we indulged in Pakodas, Aash enjoyed the aloo Gobi though usually cawliflower isn’t his liked veggie, we had dessert of ice cream and gulab jamuns! Oh, the gulab jamuns melted in my mouth! 🙂
My heart was waltzing away, also melting a little, looking at Aash under the branches, in the candle light glow!
A few days later, Aash mentioned to me, he too prayed in that moment, asking God to keep my faith and give whatever I requested.
That’s the story behind our candlelight dinner, set up by Mr. Lakshman at Wilderness Retreat.
Big thanks to Hanuman!

Tell me of a moment when the Universe took care of you this way! 🙂

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