Upside Down – An Essay

Hey! How are you doing? Hope you’re all vaccinated, double-dosed! Did the mystery unfold, was the second dose milder than the first or was it worse?
I make it sound so exciting, isn’t it? (LOL) Sansani case khabar!

Here’s an observational essay that flowed out after attending a wedding.

Our society is upside down.
It’s like a long Shirshasana, from which no one’s benefitting, but yet it’s being done.
With great sadness I say this, we still live in a world where a woman has to be worried cold before her wedding – ‘what if I get my period on the wedding day’. If the family knows, the sky will fall and the holiness of a wedding will be over like curtains drawn at the end of a stage show.
A woman is still treated as an outcaste while on her period. She is impure and must not touch holy things, must not visit a temple. Funny isn’t it?
We live in a world full of impurities like adulterated foods, fake social profiles, fake people and actions driven by likes and comments, so much so that we fail to see the one thing that’s actually most pure.
A woman on her period is pure like a pearl just out of the oyster. Her period is a sign of her well being, her good health, it is a time to celebrate her! Her period is a glory of her womanhood and she must be hoisted like a flag, for her powers to ruffle with the wind.
But, we fail to do any of this and we succeed in painting her face black, when she deserves the glorious white!
We still live in a world where a widow can’t be part of a wedding. A widow can’t give her own daughter away, Kanyadaan is snatched away from her. Why? Because her husband is not alive.
Cruel, aren’t we?
Imagine a Mother’s heart, crying tears of blood, sweat and love.
Imagine a Mother’s heart shed to pieces smaller than shards of glass,
because she must stay away and watch her daughter get married. Only watch.
She raised her, from holding her daughter’s finger to watch her fingers type fast on a keyboard to work in an MNC, she did it all.
But the right to give her daughter away is grabbed away from her ruthlessly, heartlessly!
Kanyadaan is known to be the biggest offering, greater than any other.
Yet, so petty, to deprive a mother of the contrasting joy and sadness of giving her daughter away…
Our society is upside down, it is like the sad demise of sense, heart and kindness.

What do you think about our society?

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