304.16 Days of Hema & Aash!

Hello! Hope you’re all doing well and let’s all hope what’s happening in Afghanistan resolves soon to see a brighter sunrise. We can hope and pray for them.

Amidst all that’s happening, I am taking a moment to express my gratitude for having a safe, kind relationship with my husband and us completing 304 days of being married!

It is my open letter to him… Here goes…

Rang ishq ka

Here’s to a beautiful 304 days with you, Aash. Our journey began with the COVID war, we won a war together!  And then we dove into work, my anxiety jerks, your work project and the mad hours, a second wave, another lockdown, 2 buildings sealed where we live, managed the house ourselves for 15 days and all that jazz.
One thing was clear, from our dating days and missing each other through the first wave, we took the plunge and the second wave we were together and that felt wonderful. Living with you, a lot of my khayali pulaos came true!
We missed celebrating 6 months of our dating period, but I was more than happy to celebrate 6 months of our marriage with you! I loved making my first fried dish for you, writing for you and clicking pictures with you!
In all these days, we’ve known each other better, deeper, learnt each other more and we’ve always been each other’s pillar.
We have great days and then we have our difficult days, but love is in our heart constant and the highest on the list.
We have become part of each other’s families, we have become each other’s family.
We come from different worlds, we are opposites, but we’re also similar when it comes to core values.
We’ve had so many firsts, from our first date on valentine’s day 2020 to our first married Valentine’s day 2021, our first new year together and our first outstation train journey.
Our first Diwali was quiet and in quarantine but your first birthday I was able to celebrate like a festival!
We motivate each other to do better, we encourage each other to build good habits, we talk to each other about life decisions and our pondering, our emotions and our worries, our best memories and favorite things. We are vulnerable with each other!
I have loved these 304.16 days with you and I look forward to many more…
I hope you’re not bored of seeing me every day of this pandemic phase where we can step out less.
Your simplicity, your kindness, your gentle ways of holding me, your forehead kisses, your jokes and you learning new things for me, you learning grounding technique from the memory of me telling you about it and you using it to calm my anxiety in a moment, YOU melt my heart away!
304 days with you and I can already say more than 300 beautiful things about you!
(I know, I know, itniii tareef kar di maine!)
I know you’re a very private person, not posting on social media much and all, but I just wanted to post this and write this, coz my pyaar is elaan vala pyaar! 🙂 I love you and I like to scream out loud about it!
With everything that’s happening in the world, I’m grateful to be with you, safe and sound.

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