Sayonara To Normalcy

Hello! Hope you’re all getting vaccinated and continuing to stay safe…

I’m here to share with you an observation and urge you to say Sayonara to Normalcy, because it’s okay not be okay.

Recently I observed that everyone wants normalcy. While the world right now is inside out, our friends, our family want normalcy from us. But the truth is, while the world is inside out, there’s something happening within all of us as well. We can’t and mustn’t ignore that.
The end of April and the month of May, I was midway through one of my healing processes. I hit a low, a deep low where almost nothing could lift me up. I was everything but normal.
Me being the chatty person I am, would not want to talk. Me being someone who loves to create, would not feel the urge to write, draw or sing or color. I lost all sense of me and though I knew why this was happening, it was part of my healing, I was not able to bounce back. So, I decided to wait it out.
While I was waiting it out, my friends, my family wanted the normal me. They expressed in multiple ways how my non-normalcy was affecting them and making them sad.
Though I knew this was from the place of love and concern, I felt heavy. Heavy with pressure that the people who know me most aren’t able to wait it out with me. The pressure that their need for the normal me is more than me itself, was scary.
Sometimes, we just need to sit at the bleachers of life’s stadium and wait a bad game out. Sometimes, we are all like an instrument that’s gone out of tune. We don’t throw the instrument away, right? We don’t give it up saying it is a bad instrument, right?
We keep tuning it till it touches the right chord.
We all need that.
We all need right now to know that tuning is in progress…
So, for once, let’s give up on normalcy and let’s focus on tuning ourselves, one moment at a time.

~Sayonara To Normalcy

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