Questioning Flawless Beauty – An Essay

Hello! Hope all of you are getting vaccinated and waiting out the effects of it… Hope you are looking out for your well-being!

Here’s an essay I wrote recently that questions the idea of flawless beauty. I believe that the best part of beauty is that it isn’t flawless. Here goes…

Her lips must shimmer and glitter,
must be soft when touched,
His hair must be set and gelled,
He must be tough and strong,
She must be a size zero,
her face must be blemish less,
and a never ending list of such beauty ideals….
But, the best part of beauty is that it isn’t flawless.
The concept of Flawless beauty is much like the fake God Men who are now being called out for their nonsense.
The best part of beauty is that it isn’t flawless!
Take a look at the sky,
A vastness of beautiful light blue, light grey or lavender filled with blobs of white, in weird shapes and sizes,
that we now recognise as clouds,
we accept the sky with these blobs,
then why can’t we accept beauty in a face with zits or acne?
The moon balloons up to a size 10 every fifteen days,
we don’t fat shame the moon,
but when a person is size 10, we make it so hard for them to exist in society, right?
It’s even worse if she is a size 10,
she lives with the fear that love won’t happen to her because she is fat and of course siblings and parents ensure she knows that marriage is definitely not happening,
because she is fat.
The sky bursts into tears some times,
causing a flood,
even the sky is allowed to ease it’s pain, to vent some times,
but, the man, the ‘mard’ must never cry,
if by chance he does, he is sissy?
He must like sports or else he better be ready to be bullied,
and, and if he happens to like men,
he better be ready to drown.
What a shame, isn’t it?
Living in the myth of flawless beauty,
we are making each other’s lives miserable.
We are dissecting self esteems and writing essays on mental health,
We aren’t less than cannibals, are we?
The best part of beauty is that it isn’t flawless,
in fact, it is flawed and so it is more beautiful!
We’re born beautiful,
it is cruel that we’re made to believe otherwise at various stages of life.

~ Questioning Flawless Beauty – An Essay

Happy Reading!

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