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I write to free my soul! Writing is how I express myself since a very young age, it comes naturally to me. I’m a writer, a dreamer, a poet, a blogger.
I’ve written content in the past for a wide range of brands from travel to real estate to food, and many more. I’ve created content pieces which include social media copy, blogs, LinkedIn Pulse articles, infographics, e mailers, PR articles, website content etc. I also write stories in short-story form and in script form. I recently studied Screenwriting from UCLA , Los Angeles and it was an enriching experience being there. I do my projects with dedication and commitment. I always give my 100%. I weave stories and I dream poetry!

A collection of 50 heart-touching poems written by yours truly. The 5 themes include:
She: Celebrating Women.
Goodbye: All about farewells.
Travel: The pleasure of journeys.
Rainbow Road: After all, Love is Love, isn’t it?
Love yourself: Self-love and self-care all the way!
It was an exciting yet anxious experience crafting these poems. I was writing them to put them out there in the world, clueless how to get to my goal. I’d kept this project of mine a secret from my folks. Only two friends of mine knew I had left my job and was working on the book. I’d leave home sincerely with my laptop and Mom’s lunch dabba and find myself a cafe. I’d write and research about the themes I wanted to choose from early afternoon till evenings. Soon after, I started looking for a publisher, nothing flashy or famous, but someone who understood poetry and cared enough. I found CYBERWIT. They responded excitedly! I had my collection of 50 ready, had it proofed by my best friend and it was good to go! That’s pretty much the journey of how Poetic Chords came to be… Mysterious and beautiful!
Poetic Chords is now available on Amazon India, USA, Flipkart and 5 National Libraries in India.


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